Head Tutor

Personal Profile:

I am 56 years of age, have a doctorate degree in synthetic organic chemistry, and have been a post doctorate fellow at the University of Nottingham for 2 years, after obtaining my doctorate in synthetic organic chemistry at the University of Stellenbosch in South Africa in 1998. I have published 7 papers in scientific research journals during my academic career in both South Africa, and the United Kingdom. My employment history involved working as a synthetic organic chemist for Pepceuticals, Cascade Biochem, Johnson & Matthey, and as a consultant chemist/biochemist in infection control for Hygienics Biosecurity, applying my experience in synthetic organic, and inorganic chemistry to the formulatory design of novel synergistic disinfectant products. During my employment in this discipline I have liaised with severed NHS Trusts providing advice, and have overseen the implementation, and support of appropriate disinfection strategies. My design of a novel total release disinfectant aerosol is currently used, and marketed in Australia and New Zealand. I have more than 20 years of experience in practical synthetic and analytical chemistry. My ability to effectively teach theoretical concepts of chemistry lies in the fact that I have an excellent grasp of the practical aspects of chemical reaction design, and the application of model mathematics in scientific modelling.

In 2013 I diverted my attention and expertise obtained in the chemical, and disinfectant sectors to tuition in science and mathematics. To this end I have, in 2013 set up, and is currently running a private tuition company called UKSouthTutors.

In addition to providing my pupils with compassionate teaching tailored to their needs, I can also impart my experience in the chemical industry to guide my students to the most appropriate career development within the pharmaceutical industry/sector, whether it is in academia or research and development. There are also currently excellent career opportunities in biotechnology, material technology and design, which is essence all depend, and belies on chemical principles.

I am a highly driven individual who can provide the needed input, excitement and knowledge to any student who is willing to accept the challenges of an exciting career in the disciplines of chemistry, mathematics and/or biology. I have had tremendous success with previous students, and have transformed many students from failures to excellent pass results in final examinations within 6 months. All of my past students have achieved University acceptance with high accolades. My motto always is, “if you want to, and believe you can succeed you will”. Allow me to make science and mathematics as exciting for you as it is for me. Finally, it is important that students realise that study in natural sciences, and or mathematics is hard work, but it can also be extremely emotionally, and financially rewarding for those who are willing to pursue, and exert the necessary energy into in these disciplines of study.

I to travel to most of my students, but have recently also started to use Zoom as a virtual tuition classroom to provide an internet tuition service to students further afield, both nationally and internationally.

I also provide consecutive lessons if deemed appropriate, however I prefer to teach on a personal one to one basis with my students as this approach delivers the best results.  Currently I have 8 years of experience in teaching science and mathematics covering all examination boards in the UK from KS3 to A level.

M.S. Viljoen/Dr.