At UKSouthTutors we pride ourselves in tailoring our lessons to the individual needs of our students. We provide both personal tuition in the central South of England with Winchester as the focal point, and online tuition using a virtual classroom. Students are also free to have tuition at our home base address in Winchester.

If you stay in the central South of England with Winchester as the focal point a tutor will be able to visit your home to provide in person tuition. As a general guide, if you reside within a 20 mile radius from Winchester we will be able to provide in person tuition in the comfort of your own home at an additional nominal transport fee.

The areas we do serve by travelling to clients in person include Winchester, Twyford, Eastleigh, Crawley, Cheriton, Alresford, Ropley, Farringdon, Alton, Petersfield, Liss, Steep and smaller inclusive surrounding areas. Students living in this catchment area are still free to choose online lessons if they so wish. Student are also free to have tuition at our home base address in Winchester. In such instances no transport charge will obviously be levied.

For families living outside of our catchment area and still looking for affordable private tuition we also can provide online tuition making use of a virtual classroom with the use of our tuition tools. In using online tuition for students living further afield we do try and encourage, and arrange in person meetings with our tutors at regular intervals during the duration of tuition to maintain vital personal contact.

We also provide:

  • Free initial tuition assessment
  • Minimum duration of 70 - 75 minutes for all our lessons, both in person, and online tuition
  • Advice on applicable schools, and suitable University placements
  • Students, free access to contact their tutor at any time via mail in the event of questions, uncertainties etc.
  • Parents with progress reports on academic progress from lessons on an ongoing basis, as well as how the student engages socially, and whether confidence in subject matter increases.
  • In extreme cases some students do not seem to benefit from having a private tutor, or they may have been placed with a tutor who does not seem to suit them. In such a case UKSouthTutors will endeavour to find a suitable alternative tutor and/or cancel the tuition at no extra cost. Tuition can be cancelled at any time at no extra cost.


The private tutors involved with UKSouthTutors are all self employed, and the fees levied will of course depend on the level of subject matter required, and if the tutor needs to travel to your home.

We try to negotiate excellent rates with the tutors we work with, and we charge 5% of the tuition fee as a handling fee to connect our clients with appropriate tutors. This is in line with our core values of keeping tuition excellent, yet cost effective. In the event of a personal home visit the transport charge levied will depend on the total distance travelled.

Our basic fee structure for the study topic areas we cover are on average 12-16% less than the average agency fee for similar tuition in the same subject matter, and level of education in our area. We pride ourselves in keeping our tuition cost realistic, and affordable.

The average basic fee structure for agency based tuition in the South of England are as follow (travel excluded):

Tuition levelBasic Fee
KS3 £35.00
KS4 (GCSE) £39.00
A level (Linear) £47.00
Note that agencies usually offer lessons with 60 minutes duration. Lesson conducted by tutors from UKSouthTutors carries a time duration of a minimum of 70-75 minutes at no extra cost.